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Now you can stimulate your child's development in an easy and practical way.
We help you stimulate the neurological development of your child,
whether neurotipical or not.

How is this possible?

The brain of every human being is developed through stimulation.
But not any kind of stimuli, it needs to have 3 features:


The stimulus needs to be repeated througout the day, so that it's recorded in the children's neocortexes.


There's an potimal intensity for the application of these stimuli so that the chid's brain makes use of it.


It's another factor that ensures success, a short duration allows for learning, without tiring or stressing out the child, keeping them eager for the next session.

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The Path of Neurological Organization


How I taught my kid, who didn't speak up to when he was 6.5 years old, to speak, and real testimonials of outher mothers that overcame diagnostics using neurological organization.

Is it easy? No; is it typical? Also no; but it's possible.
Know the importance of offering opportinities to babies, children and young people of reaching the possibilities of the development of their human potentials, including speach and reading..

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Every single human brain is eager for stimuli.
Simple and organized stimulation.


With the Reading program and the Mathematics program the child learns to learn.
Learning is the most amazing adventure for humans!


When you sign up you can start stimulating your child right away in a Smart TV or a computer at any time, wherever there's access to the internet.





  • Reading Program: 3 word categories chosen by you from the 50 available categories
  • 2 bonus categories: Proper nouns and body parts to start right away
  • Personalized program, you choose the categories and words according to your child's interests so they are always engaged with the program.
  • Sofisticated Categories (available to whomever can read over 200 words from simple categories)
  • Video classes detailing each day on the platform.
  • Online support by email / WhatsApp of questions about the program.
  • Support for helping with the child's development profile!
  • Word Pairs (soon), for the children that can read over 100 simple words separately.
  • Phrases (soon), for the children that can read over 50 word pairs.




  • Instant Math Program
  • Quantities: 1 to 100
  • Equations: Addition (after 15 days of quantities)
  • Equations: Subtraction (after 15 days of addition)
  • Equations: Multiplication (after 15 days of subtraction)
  • Equations: Division (after 15 days of multiplication)
  • Math Problems (soon)
  • Digits: 1 up to over 1 million (after completing equations program)
  • Equations with digits (after completing equations program)
  • Video classes detailing each day on the platform.
  • Online support via e-mail / WhatsApp to answer questions about the program.
  • Support to help apply the development profile to keep track of the child's development!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to teach the child to read using the platform?

Using our platform, doing the reading program is much easier than the traditional way, the parents don't have to create all the material their child will use, because we alredy have over 2,172 words in our plaform separated into 50 categories. All of the content is customized by the parents, considering the child's tastes and interests.

Is it easy to teach math to the child using the platform?

Doing the Math Program in the Neuroganho platform is much easier because everything is automated: The presentation of quantities, the control of what has already been presented and what must not be used anymore, equations etc. The parents customize the program in each of the phases of equations for their child.

Is it a fast process?

Many sessions are made throughout the day, each lasting less than 1 minute, so that the child doesn't get tired, but enough times so that the information can be registered in the cerebral cortex.

How long does it take for the child to learn?

The time taken to learn varies from child to child, the sooner you start, the better! It also depends on the engagement in the platform and on the health of the child, for example, if they take controled medication it will take longer, due to the effects of the medication in the brain (always consult your doctor when it comes to your child's medication).

Who is Ana / Ana Beatriz?

Author of the e-book "The Path to Neurological Organization" (that narrates an abridged version of her biography and axperience that you can get in the E-book section), mother of 2, one typical and one atypical, and is followint th path of neurological organization as a protagonist since 2002.

Is the purchase safe?

100% safe! We work with Hotmart as a payment tool so that you have full safety to purchase.

Are there guarantees? What's the refund period?

Inconditional guarantee of 7 days. If in 7 days you're not satisfied you can ask for a refund and the full price will be returned, no questions asked.

Does any method use these programs?

Yes!!! Many successful stimulation methods use the Reading Program and the Maths Program, amongst them, we highlight the Doman Method itself, Veras Method, Philadelphia Method, Trieb Method, besides the millions of parents arround the world that buy the books and teach at home, doing homeschooling.

Do I need to install an app?

You can access the Support and the programs in the website's platform, there's no need to purchase or install anything.

How does the subscriprion work?

The subsription is valid during the period you purchased it for, always multiples of 3 months. Why three months? Because the Neuroplasticity cycles are completed every 8 to 12 weeks, thus, with a three months subscription one cycle is covered (more details on the support classes or in the bibliography below).

Is it easy to teach the child to read in the platform?

Using our Neuroganho platform, executing the Reading Program is much easier than the traditional way of doing it, the parents are freed from the burden of producing all of the material their child would use, because we already have over 2000 words in our platform separated into 50 categories.

Is it a quick process?

Many sessions of less than 1 minute, so that it doesn't tire the child, are done but repeatedly so that the information is registered in the cortex.

Do I need to install an app?

You can access both the online course and the platform through the internet, you don't need to purchase or download any app.

How does the subscription work?

The subscription is valid for a period of three months. Why three months? Because the Neuroplasticity cycles are completed in 8 to 12 weeks, this way, with one three month subscription it is possible to cover one cycle (more details about this in the course and in the bibliography below).

What's the goal of the support plan?

Many parents and families have questions about the execution of the Neurological Organization Program. The Support clarifies qustions about the application of the program's acrivities, based on the materials listed in our Bibliography below.

Who is this Support for?

O Support is for who has already read the bibliography and for who didn't have the time, but want to stimulate their child at home. We made many videos explaining the most relevant aspects of the Neurological Organization Program. The Neurological Organization Support is entirely done through the internet. Yhis way, you can watch the videos from home, in your computer, smartphone or Smart TV. O Support is available to clarify questions throgu email or WhatsApp, besides helping through videocalls to unvail the development profile. Attention: The next class of 2020 will be in july, there is a limited ammount of people that can be in a single class. Request a reservation in the form at contact.

How do I purchase?

In the Programs section you'll find the description of the Reading Program and of the Math Program. When you click the Purchase button, you'll be redirected to the safe Hotmart page to do the payment.

How do I subscribe to get Support?

The Support is opened only once every semester, usually near the beggining of the semester. Whoever wants to subscribe early may do so in our form below setting the subject line to Pre-subscription. These people will be invited through email to take part in the opening Livestream of the new class, where they can ask questions if they want to and then subscribe. We have the commitment to guide families with the best prectices and activities for stimulating the developmen of their child at home. Subscribe to be warned of the Livestream in the contact form.

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Realization: Economy Ministery and Sebrae.
Execution: CERTI Foundation.
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Realiztion Baanko, EBAC, Impactlab, Legado Institute, Vila Velha University;
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